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Compared with our main pick, the i Robot Roomba 690 has a shorter battery life and a steeper price, and it’s a little more likely to get stuck mid-cycle.

But we think it’ll last longer than those models because it’s based on the same design as the Roomba 650, our main pick from 2013 until early 2017, which has a years-long track record for reliability and owner satisfaction.

Over the years, we’ve also spoken with several experts, including: Many informal conversations with other editors, enthusiasts, engineers, brand representatives, and regular robot owners influenced me.

I’ve also made a point to listen to as many of our readers as I can, through comments on our guides, emails, and tweets.

It has much more cleaning power than our main picks, and a sophisticated navigation system lets it clean an entire level of your home, room by room, without missing any patches.

Most people who own a robot vacuum also own a stronger, human-driven vacuum for tougher jobs like deep-cleaning fine dust and ground-in hair from carpets.

It would be more, but I have to test a whole mess of other vacuums, too.

A robot vacuum can’t fully replace a regular vacuum.

I have scanned through a few thousand user reviews and read dozens of product-specific reviews from testing houses including CNET, Consumer Reports (subscription required),, and Good Housekeeping.

On top of all that, I’ve run about 200 at-home cleaning cycles over the years with our previous picks.

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